About Santosha Aesthetics, Inc

Panteha Partovi MPA, PA-C – Owner, Founder & Aesthetic Specialist

About Santosha Aesthetics, Inc

Panteha Partovi MPA, PA-C – Owner, Founder & Aesthetic Specialist
Panteha Partovi MPA, PA-C – Owner

Founder & Aesthetic Specialist

Panteha Partovi is the founder and aesthetic specialist at Santosha Aesthetics. Known by her friends, family, and clients as Pany- her main goal is to help people restore and maintain a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. She achieves this through a series of innovative, non-invasive aesthetic solutions in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills that offer great results and minimal downtime.

At Santosha Aesthetics, Panteha serves a diverse clientele that includes people across a variety of ages, genders, aesthetic need and cultural backgrounds. Her clientele consists of individuals who are seeking out preventative treatments, individuals who are looking to enhance certain aspects of their appearance, or those who want to soften visible signs of aging.

Panteha’s goal is to help clients look and feel their best through a series of conservative treatments. Many clients have described Panteha’s approach to cosmetics as “micro-dosing” because she believes in minor and conservative enhancements that help prevent early aging and to maintain a natural look. Her approach to aesthetic medicine parallels her personal philosophy to always strive to achieve a well-rounded and balanced life.. the happy middle.

From the moment you walk through the door, you will enter a safe, dedicated space where you can discuss your concerns without hesitation or judgment and definitely without the fear of unnecessary treatments that veer you away from your original goals.

An artist by nature and a medical professional by trade, Panteha uses the interplay between art and anatomy to enhance and soften elements of the face and body. Her techniques vary based on her clients’ needs, however, her personal goal is to deliver natural and satisfactory results that promote individuality and confidence!

Training and Education

Panteha is a certified Physician Assistant and nationally-recognized aesthetic injector. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Loma Linda University. Moreover, Panteha has more than 5 years of professional experience as a cosmetic injector and has obtained extensive certifications from Galderma, Palette, Allergan, and many more.

As a leading aesthetic expert in Beverly Hills, Panteha stays up-to-date with the latest treatments and regularly attends panels, hands-on courses, and other types of training programs to broaden and deepen her knowledge of the latest safety protocols and treatment techniques. She has extensive experience with injectable therapies, lasers, microneedling and radiofrequency approaches.

In addition, Panteha has extensive anatomical and cadaveric training to better understand the symmetries of the face, which makes her one of the best PDO thread lift professionals in Beverly Hills. Thanks to her extensive training, she is able to address skin laxity and aging through Innovative PDO thread techniques without having to go through surgery.

Why Patients Choose Santosha Aesthetics

As an outstanding businesswoman and female role model in Beverly Hills, Panteha knows the importance of looking and feeling your best in order to achieve your personal as well as your professional goals. She understands the value of self-care and aims to empower individuals of all genders including members of the LGBT+ community, ages, and cultural backgrounds to maintain a positive image of themselves.

Panteha created Santosha Aesthetics to serve individuals who are interested in maintaining their appearance, but are hesitant because they feel like the results may look unnatural or deemed as “fake”. She strives to mitigate false preconceptions of cosmetic medicine and prove that you can get aesthetic treatments while still looking and feeling like yourself.

What “Santosha” Stands For

Those who practice yoga are familiar with the word Santosha. This term is one of the codes that yogis follow to help cultivate inner-strength and peace as it translates to “finding contentment within one’s self.” Santosha comes from Sanskrit, an Ayurvedic language that is deeply connected with the origins of yoga.

Panteha is an avid yoga enthusiast who has been practicing for more than 10 years and more recently specializing in aerial and acrobatic yoga.

Very much like this yoga-related concept, Santosha Aesthetics focuses on helping customers reach balance by helping them achieve their most beautiful self inside and out. During your visit, she will provide a customized experience designed specifically for you by listening intently to deeply understand your objectives and motivations.

Here at Santosha Aesthetics, we are committed to helping you find satisfaction within yourself by providing a state-of-the-art environment and non-invasive treatments to help you embrace your individuality and boost your confidence. We do not promote services or cater to individuals looking to follow the next trend or those who do not appreciate where true beauty radiates from.

Our mission is to help you find a happy middle through the art of our practice. We want to enhance your natural beauty without ever over-filling or freezing your face. This philosophy allows us to establish an important connection and to develop a plan to better serve you with compassion, care, and accountability.

It doesn’t matter if you get regular touch-ups or if it’s your first cosmetic treatment. At Santosha Aesthetics, Panteha’s main objective is to help her clients feel and look like the best version of themselves through natural-looking results.

If you are looking to make noticeable improvements to your appearance and help your body age gracefully without going through an extensive recovery time, Santosha Aesthetics is here to help. To learn more about working with Panteha, book a consultation at our Beverly Hills clinic.